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Login Background Images for Mac OS  v.1.0

A selection of ten panoramic, ready to use, login screen background images. You can use the freeware SuperDocker to change/restore the login screen background image.

Login Launcher for Mac OS  v.05

Did you ever regret you didn’t press ‘shift’ while login in? Do you have lots of startup items and once in a while you wished a faster login? Would you like to sort the launch of your startup items? Then you may find Login

Aloaha Smart Login (formerly Aloaha Credential Provider)  v.5.0.5

Aloaha Smart Login is a powerful application designed to transform the Windows Vista/7 logon screen, making it much easier to implement new user authentication scenarios that are supported by the OS. To be able to logon via Smartcard to a windows

Windows 7 or Vista Login Screen Changer  v.1.0

Change Logon Background for Windows Vista or Windows 7 and Login to your Computer with your favourite background or Screen Image. Select any image file (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, etc) and change your logon background for Vista or Windows 7. The Logon

IE9 Compatibility Mode Enabler  v.1.0

IE9 Compatibility Mode Enabler

Wacked! Mission Mode  v.1.0

Wacked! Mission Mode is a game in flash where you must manoeuvre your helpicopter and fire at enemies. There are also a number of other missions, which get harder and harder. This game is free to download and

Firewall Kernel Mode Tool

Firewall Kernel Mode Tool offers users a professional tool (FWEngMon.exe) to analyze and troubleshoot firewall connectivity issues by monitoring the ISA Server kernel-mode driver (fweng.sys).Major Features: Can be used to analyze and troubleshoot

Login Items Engine  v.1.0

Login Items Engine 1.0 is regarded as a feature-rich and trustworthy tool designed to help users simplify the Login Items process. It creates a Login Items folder in the users home directory. This folder functions exactly like the old Startup Items

User Login Script

A simple user login system with an easy install script. You will be able to protect php web pages with a small bit of code that will only allow registered logged in members to see, if they are not logged in then it will ask them to. Its a simple and

User Mode Process Dumper  v.8.1.2929.5

The User Mode Process Dumper (userdump) dumps any running Win32 processes memory image (including system processes such as csrss.exe, winlogon.exe, services.exe, etc) on the fly, without attaching a debugger, or terminating target processes.

CDROM major mode for Emacs  v.1.0

The development of a major mode for (X)Emacs for interfacing with audio CDs using a server/client

Documentation for Brother HBP mode  v.1.0

Project providing documentation for the "HBP" (host based printing) mode used in some Brother laser printers. Concentrating espacially on the job control

GNU-Mode  v.1.0

Free games for i-mode mobile phones, games currently include Snake, Sudoku, Checkers, SFCave, i-city and

Maas-Neotek TinyMUD bot+converse mode  v.1.0.0

This is the Maas-Neotek Robot, sixth experimental version, designed for TinyMUD, with conversation-mode

MuPAD mode and tools for emacs  v.3.2.3

mupacs is a lisp mode for editing MuPAD code (automatic indentation, fontification, ...), as well as running MuPAD in a subshell, with support for debugger and online

PHP Login System w/ 5 Levels of Security  v.1.0

PHP/MYSQL Login System with 5 Levels of Security meaning "THE HEIRARCHY OF ADMINISTRATION" (Admin/Director -> Manager -> Assistant Manager -> Employees -> Guest). You can add more levels once you are familiar w/ the codes.(I modified

PHP Login Without MySql  v.1.3

This simple script is used to make an easy login script without the need for MySql! Perfect for admin accounts,

User Mode Linux on Win32  v.05

UMLWIN32 is a port of linux kernel based on user mode linux (UML) to make linux bootup in a virtual machine on top of different windows platforms. This provides an authentic open-source alternative to run linux kernel and native linux binaries on

User-mode Linux kernel port  v.

The user-mode kernel port is a port of the Linux kernel which runs in a set of processes. The result is a user-mode virtual machine and a kernel which can be debugged and developed using all of the usual process-level

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